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Cornucopia is the True North of food & drink festivals – a place of culinary reckonings, where the wild meets the refined and the epic and the epicurious come together.
This November, Cornucopia returns to Whistler to celebrate food + drink in style. Embracing the palate, the plate, and the Pacific North West, Cornucopia is a promise of warmth and welcome to all-comers amongst a convivium of global taste-makers.
Relying on the raw and rugged backdrop of the Pacific Coast Mountains to cleanse the senses and focus the palate, Cornucopia shines a light on the craft and talent chefs, vintners, brewers and distillers bring to bear on the basic elements of civilization – grapes, hops, the fruits of the sea and the soil.
Winery dinners, grand tastings, culinary demonstrations and events, industry gatherings, chef luncheons, all running alongside Cornucopia's wellness microfestival, Nourish and the Cornucopia Kids cooking day. Cornucopia’s rich and wide-ranging 11 day and night program will deliver its fill of new discoveries and deeper connections with locally inspired and globally relevant ingredients, destinations, flavours and makers.
Witness the power of pairing – the primal and polished, the simple and the sophisticated, the disruptors and the discriminating – in a schedule packed with offerings that tear down the walls between kitchen and salon, back of house, back of truck and the long table, and brings farmers, fishers, chefs, brewers, vintners and connoisseurs together, united by taste and straight-up passion.
An 11 day festival of food + drink, Cornucopia brings together the wild and the refined, and puts the art of eating and drinking centre stage.
Cultivate passion. Open wide. Let your tastebuds run wild.
Cornucopia, Whistler's Celebration of Food & Drink, is owned by a not-for-profit and run as a charity benefit for the community. 
Sue Eckersley - Executive Director
Robert Olive - Festival Producer
Jasmine Robinson - Festival Producer
JJ Johnson - Director of Partnerships
Dana Lee Harris - Seminar Management
Mary Zinck - Communications and Media
Eric Blouin
Samantha Rahn
Please note: The festival’s events’ servings of wine will be one and a half to two ounces per glass. Maximum legal consumption is two ounces per hour. Tasting etiquette tip: swirl, sniff, sip & spit. Cornucopia encourages the responsible consumption of alcoholic beverages.
Due to Canadian liquor laws, persons under the age of 19 (this includes infants, children and teenagers) will not be permitted in the Whistler Conference Centre during Cornucopia nor are they permitted at any event located in the Whistler Conference Centre.
Q: Is there food at the CRUSH Grand Tastings?
A: No. There are small samples of cheese, charcuterie, bread, fruit and chocolate, but it will not be sufficient for dinner. We recommend that guest take advantage of the many culinary establishments in Whistler for dinner either before or after the CRUSH Gala Tasting.
Q: Is there food at the wine seminars?
A: Not unless specified in the event description.
Q: Are children allowed at the CRUSH Grand Tasting?
A: No. This is event is for guests 19 years of age and older, therefore children will not be admitted. Due to liquor licensing, the Whistler Conference Centre cannot allow people under the age of 19 in the building for the duration of the Cornucopia event.
Q: What is the dress code for the CRUSH Grand Tasting?
There is no mandatory dress code for the event, but we find that most guests wear cocktail attire and get dressed up to the nines. That being said, jeans and a nice shirt are acceptable as well.
Q: Where can I pick up my tickets that I purchased online?
A: Your tickets are emailed to you. You can print them out at home or have them available for scanning on your mobile device.
Q: Where can I pick up tickets to the Winery Dinner that I purchased?
A: There are not physical tickets to Winery Dinners. After tickets have been purchased online, all reservations will be included on a guest list provided to the restaurant. All you have to do is show up on the night of. If you would like to bring a copy of your confirmation email, that would be great.
Q: Do I have to tip at the Winery Dinner that I purchased online?
A: No. Gratuity & GST have been included in the price of the ticket. If you were very happy with the service and feel the need to tip extra, you are welcome to, but it is not required or necessary.
Q: Where do I meet for the bus to the Chef’s Table Luncheons?
A: Buses will pick up guests at the allotted times outside the Whistler Conference Centre. Guests can congregate in the
Lower Valley Foyer at 12:45pm until the buses arrive.
Q: How can I donate an item for the Silent Auction this year?
A: Cornucopia’s official charity has not yet been determined. Please contact info@watermarkinc.ca if you would like to make a donation.
Q: How can I volunteer for Cornucopia?
A: You can sign up online here or, during the event, come to the Whistler Conference Centre lower Valley Foyer. Our volunteer room is located in the Tantalus Room (to the left as you walk in the Valley Foyer doors). Please note: the volunteer room is only open during Cornucopia, please do not visit outside of these event dates as no one will be there.