Five Ways To Get The Most Out Of The Crush Grand Tasting

November 5, 2015

Are you ready for the 19th annual CRUSH Grand Tasting Event? Coming up on Saturday, November 7, 2015, CRUSH is the signature tasting event of Cornucopia, presented by BlueShore Financial. Here are five insider tips to get the most out of CRUSH: 1. Get there early  To experience everything there is to offer at CRUSH […]


The Sea To Sky Region – A ‘Cornucopia’ Of Culinary Expertise

November 3, 2015

Does a picture of mammoth mountain peaks, expansive rainforests, lush valley floor, and a cool ocean breeze come to mind when you think of the Sea to Sky region? This and much more is true of the picture-perfect locale. But there is so much more to be enjoyed here. The Sea to Sky’s reputation as […]


Winery Dinners And Chef Table Luncheons

October 27, 2015

Once upon a time November was regarded as slow season in Whistler; that in-between stage when the air gets its cold bite, the trees have all but shed their last leaves and everyone is simply waiting for the snow to fall, the mountains to open and winter to burst into action. Now, Whistler in November […]


Expertise Abounds At Cornucopia’s Culinary Stage

October 15, 2015

With such incredible talent stepping up to Cornucopia’s Culinary Stage, it makes picking and choosing events that much harder. Of course, the best case scenario will find you attending the entire series. However, in case this isn’t an option, here’s a brief run-down of a few of the personalities you can see at this year’s […]


Jack, Jim Or Johnny – Gin, Vodka Or Bourbon: Choose Your Own Adventure At Cornucopia

October 8, 2015

Cornucopia, presented by BlueShore Financial is stirring up some fun this November with an array of thirst-quenching spirit tastings, seminars and parties to be enjoyed. From mixology sessions to Single Malt Seduction and Bourbon Country seminars – Cornucopia is placing liquor in the lime-light, to reveal the supreme talent in B.C. and the local Sea […]


Cornucopia Offers Something For Every Taste And Budget

October 7, 2015

At Cornucopia, even a small budget gets you a BIG experience. Enjoy a variety of top-notch wine seminars for less, from Foxtrot Winery: A Passion For Pinot, to You Say Shiraz & I say Syrah, from Wine & Chocolate: Friends With Benefits, to Bubble-icious – the options are endless. And with prices as low as […]


Cornucopia Puts Its Best ‘Vintage’ Forward Announcing The Festival’s Top 25 Wines

October 2, 2015

Cornucopia, presented by BlueShore Financial lives up to its name, featuring a surplus of wine selections to sip, swirl, savour and salivate over throughout the 11 dedicated days of food + drink. The festival features more than 200 tantalizing events, seminars, tastings, parties and demonstrations for guests to relish. Last week, an expert panel of […]


B.C. Is Brewing Some Seriously Crafty Beer

September 24, 2015

Craft beer in British Columbia has experienced an unprecedented surge in popularity with a plethora of micro-breweries, brew pubs, artisan brewers and craft breweries popping up across the province. This is not surprising when considering B.C. is the birthplace of craft beer in Canada. Entrepreneur John Mitchell kick-started the industry at Horseshoe Bay Brewing in […]


Six Things To Love About Cornucopia

September 10, 2015

Cornucopia, presented by BlueShore Financial embraces 11 decadent days of food and drink inspired dinners, galas, tastings, seminars, demonstrations and more. You may ask how such an extensive schedule of events can be condensed into merely six points, keep reading… 1.  VINE VARIETY – You Heard it on the Grapevine Cabernet or Gewurztraminer, Prosecco or […]


Retreat And Nourish At Cornucopia

September 3, 2015

Health and wellness is top of mind in Whistler, where people come to relax and rejuvenate. With many of us becoming more aware of the benefits of consuming good, nutrient-rich foods, the following mantra from Ann Wigmore, holistic health practitioner, whole foods advocate, author and doctor of Divinity, rings true: The food you eat can […]