Mark Pennington

Originally from Leeds in Yorkshire, England, Mark Pennington is a European-trained Certified Journeyman Baker and Confectioner.  His resume includes two decades’ experience working in kitchens in England, Australia, and Canada.  In 2001 he began selling Barry Callebaut products. Currently the Regional Sales Manager for the company’s Gourmet Division in Western Canada, Mark is responsible for all aspects of Barry Callebaut Chocolate, including the celebrated Cacao Barry France and Callebaut Belgium brands.  He is in charge of distribution, social media and promotion, and hosting culinary demonstrations, as well as providing technical advice.  Mark also has a longstanding interest in how chocolate pairs with wine and spirits, and completed his WSET level 1 Wine and Spirits Certificate at Dubrulle in1996.
Mark lives on Bowen Island.  He is a keen soccer player and all-around family man, as well as a dedicated gourmet foodie:  he says he does not eat to live, but lives to eat.

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