Retreat And Nourish At Cornucopia

September 3, 2015

Health and wellness is top of mind in Whistler, where people come to relax and rejuvenate. With many of us becoming more aware of the benefits of consuming good, nutrient-rich foods, the following mantra from Ann Wigmore, holistic health practitioner, whole foods advocate, author and doctor of Divinity, rings true: The food you eat can be either the safest and most powerful form of medicine or the slowest form of poison.

Cornucopia, presented by BlueShore Financial, has a deep-rooted connection to wellbeing. One just has to look upon the Whistler location to understand that health and vitality flows through the community. From glacier-capped peaks to the valley floor — the natural landscape encourages living life to the fullest in Whistler.

Cornucopia’s health and wellness series Nourish is set to be bigger and better than ever in 2015. Check out the Nourish Retreat at Cornucopia, where soul-seekers can commit, retreat-style to the first dynamic weekend of Cornucopia. This full package of Nourish programming gives you three nights and four days dedicated to your mind, body and spirit. Cornucopia gala wine tastings are included! Or, choose your workshops a la carte throughout the Nourish: Health and Wellness Series and drop in to workshops and sessions throughout the 11 day festival that speak to your specific interests.

Of course, the Nourish Retreat at Cornucopia is the complete toolkit for revival and relaxation, but if you can’t commit to the whole kit-and-caboodle, here are a few highlights from the Nourish: Health + Wellness Series:

Aging Gracefully Seminar – November 6
Cornucopia presents the answers you have been looking for at the Aging Gracefully Seminar. This recurrent sell-out session is back and better than ever, unveiling how food choices and daily wellness practices can help reduce the impact of aging on the body.

Raw Food Brunch – November 8
Gaining worldwide attention, raw food diets are based predominantly on organic, uncooked and unprocessed foods. With the added popularity, comes more creativity – join Merina Koly and Audra Mott for a colourful and interactive Raw Food Brunch, experiencing first-hand how pure, raw foods can tantalize the taste buds.

Fermented Food Lunch – November 12
Detoxification, improved immune system and a more complete nutrient boast are just a few of the proven health benefits of fermented foods. From kombucha, sauerkraut, tempeh and kimchi these probiotic-powerhouses are a must for any health-conscious kitchen. Learn about the new (yet old world) style of cooking with super-foods at the Fermented Food Lunch.

Retreat to Cornucopia this fall and rejuevnate while enjoying all the things you love.