Announcing The Inaugural Cornucopia Wine Summit

August 30, 2016

What is remarkable about each and every year of Cornucopia is the sheer number of passionate, knowledgable people from all over the world that gather in one place at one time.

And because that gathering typically pulls together some of the most thoughtful and interesting people in the world of food and wine, there was an occasion to make a whole that is much more than the sum of its parts.

Such was the inspiration behind launching Cornucopia’s brand new initiative, The Cornucopia Wine Summit.  With keynote speaker Dr. Jamie Goode and hosted by Michaela Morris, the Cornucopia Wine Summit is an industry forum for leaders, thinkers and wine industry professionals to exchange, debate and celebrate.  The Cornucopia Wine Summit brings together experts and topics relevant to the wine industry and its changing landscape, in a setting where those who have a common interest can share and debate.  Get Jamie’s outside perspective on BC wine, learn the latest news on topics such as inter-provincial trade and sub-appellations, and be a part of the great debate on the future of BC wine. Plus much more. Marking 20 years of Cornucopia, this Summit will combine great speakers, hot topics, food and wine in a thought provoking forum that is not to be missed.

The Summit is for anyone interested in the ins and outs of the industry.  Its for those who want to talk about wine in a deep, political and technical way in a setting that revels in the grit, the geek, the minutia, the debate, and the heat and soul.  It’s for those committed to their businesses and who need to stay on top of what’s shifting in a constantly changing environment.  It’s for those who want to have a say, know more and be a part of the future. And its also for those who want to raise a glass and say cheers to everything that has been accomplished so far and for what’s to come.

And besides? Where better to have a Summit than in the mountains? The Cornucopia Wine Summit is our birthday present to ourselves and we want to welcome you to the party.  See you in November