Whistler Restaurant Hall Of Fame Launches

October 12, 2016

In collaboration with the 20th Anniversary of Cornucopia, presented by BlueShore Financial, the Restaurant Association of Whistler (RAW) is launching their Hall of Fame with renowned legendary local restaurateur Mario Enero as the first inductee.

“This annual celebration will honour members of our food and beverage community that have been pioneers, trailblazers and innovators within our beloved restaurant industry.  As our first recipient, Mario Enero exemplifies all of those qualities and more.  He took a chance on a young and unproven little ski town over 20 years ago and managed to create two amazing establishments with La Rua and Caramba. His warm and charming demeanor matched the flair, style and genuine hospitality of both his locations.  We could not be more proud, or more delighted, to honour Mario as our very first inductee into the RAW Hall of Fame,” said Amy Huddle, president of the Restaurant Association of Whistler.
Restaurant Association of Whistler first-ever inductee Mario Enero

Restaurant Association of Whistler first-ever inductee Mario Enero


The Restaurant Association of Whistler Hall of Fame was established to give recognition to individuals in the hospitality industry who have made significant contributions to the Whistler restaurant community. Enero, a former Spanish bullfighter with a passion for both hospitality and fine cuisine, has been at the forefront of British Columbia’s elite dining scene for some 35 years. Enero’s global sensibilities and enduring yet unpretentious style inspired a distinctive brand of culinary fusion.

In the words of Keeley Higgins, former manager of La Rua and Caramba, “Good food, good service, good people…Mario is a patriarch in Whistler’s culinary and hospitality scene because of simple principles and a gift for sharing his experience and passion with the community and those who work with him.”

The Hall of Fame ceremony will take place on Thursday November 10th prior to Cornucopia’s 20th Anniversary Party at The Picnic: A Celebration of Whistler Culinary Excellence.

Cornucopia would like to extend our greatest of congratulations to both Mario Enero and the Restaurant Association of Whistler and also thank both for your great contribution to the spirit of Whistler and its culinary excellence.