Sneak Peak at Nourish: Meatless Monday

October 30, 2017

My name is Morgan Dunn and my journey into really taking a stand in my health was when I was diagnosed with adrenal fatigue in 2015 and my go, go, go lifestyle came to a sudden and screeching holt. I could no longer do the things that I loved so dearly like running, biking, snowboarding… all of the lovely West Coast things we adore so much. It was a shot to my identity and my future at that point felt a bit bleak with symptoms I’d never really experienced before that kept me in bed for days at a time. Once I took a stand with my health and decided that feeling terrible wasn’t good enough that was when things changed for the best. I got better, I got back into running and I made a bit of a lifestyle overhaul. It wasn’t easy but I have my life back. Becoming a Registered Holistic Nutritionist was my step towards being able to help others in the same predicament. Life should be LIVED and thoroughly enjoyed.

During the course of my recovery, I found solace and vitality in an abundance of locally grown vegetables that supported my health and filled me with energy. I have now made it a part of my practice to incorporate as many local veggies as healing foods so I’m excited to use kohlrabi in my dish at Cornucopia this year and show you how you can use this incredibly versatile vegetable.

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My name is Dawn Levelton and I am a nutritionist, nature lover, whole foodie and plant powered cook. My experience and passion for working with food began at the young age of 8 when my mom enrolled me in a cooking class. After that, I was hooked! Being a vegetarian – the only one in my family – had it’s challenges and required special dietary needs, so I became the family cook creating nutritious meals to fuel our busy, active lifestyles. My curiosity for nutrition developed even further as I experienced changes in my health from getting travel bugs – the kind that seriously compromised my digestive system. Determined to eat my way back to health, I went “back to my roots” and began eating all the fresh organic seasonal foods I grew up with on my family’s farm. After successfully healing my digestive issues, I decided to turn my passion for food and nutrition into a career and teach others how to cook plant powered meals to fuel their outdoor lifestyle and health naturally.

One of the most rewarding aspects of sharing my meatless meals with others is when I hear people rave about how tasty and versatile vegetables can be. Following food trends and injecting my own creative twist is key for me when developing my plant based recipes. So, I am thrilled to demonstrate for you how quick and easy it is to create a trendy zucchini noodle recipe made with a fresh plant based pesto and zesty topper. You definitely won’t miss the pasta or the meat in this dish!

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My name is Amanda Nickerson. I am a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, ACSM Certified Personal Trainer, Yoga & Spin Instructor. As you can see, I am passionate about health and fitness. However, it is not just my passion, it is a way of life. I have been in the industry for over 10 years. For me, I feel my best when I am active. I don’t want to age myself. I will be 40 soon. I use to joke, I only exercise so I can eat. That use to work for me in my twenties. Now, I really have to watch what I eat. Let me tell you. I have a wicked sweet tooth. I am one of those people who opens the box of cookies and can’t eat just one. No, I have to eat the whole darn box. However, I just can’t eat the refined sugar, processed stuff I used to enjoy. So, what was a girl to do? Well, I started looking for ways to satisfy my sweet tooth and my body at the same time. This led to some pretty epic fails and wins in the kitchen. However, I had fun learning.

With winter fast approaching, I wanted to give everyone’s favorite comfort drink, Hot Chocolate, a superfood boost. If you are on social media, you may have noticed that Chaga coffee is taking the health world by storm. So I thought, why not Chaga Hot Chocolate? This drink is so decadent and all sorts of chocolate wonderful, you won’t even realize that you are drinking something healthy. Why all the hype about Chaga? Chaga is one of the best sources of antioxidants. Why are antioxidants so important? They help combat the free radicals that lead to many of the diseases that plague the modern world today, such as heart disease, diabetes, cancer, etc. Also, it boosts the immune system, which is super important as we come into cold and flu season. Now can you see why there is so much buzz about Chaga? Want to learn more? Come join me at Whistler Cornucopia for Meatless Mondays and sample my Chocolate Chaga Elixir. Hope to see you there.


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