Drink Seminar: Chenin Blanc: Live with Style, Age with Grace

Drink Seminar: Chenin Blanc: Live with Style, Age with Grace


Presenter: Tyler Dawson. 

Winemakers love Chenin Blanc because it offers a blank canvas on which they can work:  the grape is highly sensitive to geography and climate, so it expresses terroir easily, and it can be used to make wines of nearly any style, including dry, off-dry, sweet, and sparkling versions.  It's also unusual among white grapes for its ability to age well:  Chenin Blancs from France's Loire region have been known to evolve in the bottle for nearly a century. Tyler Dawson hosts this hour-long stand-up seminar on Chenin Blanc and its versatility as a culinary match.  Guests will taste a range of wines from South Africa, France, BC, and more.


  1. Vincent Rambault Bel Air Vouvray
  2. Gaudrelle Clos le Vigneau AOC Vouvray
  3. Tea Leaf Chenin Blanc
  4. Reyneke Biodynamic Chenin Blanc
  5. Basel Cellars Chenin Blanc
  6. Road 13 Sparkling Chenin Blanc

Room set-up/format:
Stand up format, no seating, high top tables provided

Casual, comfortable

Whistler Conference Centre – room assignments will be posted on site

Sun Nov 11, 2018
2:30 PM - 3:30 PM PDT
Whistler Conference Centre

Whistler Conference Centre

4010 Whistler Way, Whistler
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