Culinary Stage: Chef Luis Valenzuela and Coast Mountain Brewing

Culinary Stage: Chef Luis Valenzuela and Coast Mountain Brewing



Chef Luis Valenzuela Robles Linares
“Close your eyes and imagine what you want to do for the rest of your life,” once said a wise man to a then 14-year-old Luis. That conversation jump-started his journey through culinary profession.

For Luis, cooking is a medium through which he makes the invisible, visible, like transforming raw materials into a mouth-watering dish. He admires Spanish food, for he thinks it symbolizes conviviality. He feels alive, centered, and present while cooking. Maybe that’s why he says, “I’ve never thought about cooking as my job.” He then adds, “It is my calling.”

Luis cooks some of the most exciting dishes in Toronto’s food scene. According to him, “respect” is his secret sauce… Respect the dignity of the ingredients. Respect the authenticity of traditional recipes. And respect the harmony of his team.

The idea of creating this menu sprouted from a true sense of admiration for this Country. I have humbly decided to take the challenge, to create a menu that reflects the many diverse geographical differences in Canada. I have divided the menu into five different regions

The Cordillera (From Yukon and the Northern Territories to British Columbia)- For this I will be taking the iconic Grapes of BC. And we will merge them with home made cheese, honouring all the people of the west that devote themselves to their trades.

The Prairies - (From Alberta to Saskatchewan and Manitoba) Elk Tartar with quail egg.

The Canadian Shield, Great Lakes and St. Lawrence (Ontario, Quebec)- Smoked Trout with eggs and potato salad

The Atlantic (New Foundland and Labrador to Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick) - Lobster poutine with bernaise Sauce

The North (Canada) - Pecan tart with maple syrup.

Room set-up/format:
Sit down service. Food samples paired with Wine and Beer

Smart Casual

Whistler Conference Centre - Sub Zero & Wolf Culinary Stage - Grand Foyer


Sat Nov 17, 2018
2:00 PM - 3:30 PM PST
Whistler Conference Centre

Whistler Conference Centre

4010 Whistler Way, Whistler
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