Drink Seminar: Japanese Craft Whisky

Drink Seminar: Japanese Craft Whisky


Presenter: Briany Tai (Zoe Tung)

Experience a cross-country journey of Japanese Craft whisky, known as ji-whisky. A collection of unique spirits from Okinawa Island to north of Japan across from west coast to east. In this masterclass, we will taste a unique line up of 8 ji-whiskies from 4 award winning Japanese whisky brands, including Shinobu whisky finished in rare indigenous Japanese oak, Mizunara made cask, Amahagan World Malt from Nagahama distillery, the smallest distillery in Japan, Yamazakura whisky of Sasanokawa Shuzo who helped Ichiro Akuto from Chichibu Distillery save remaining stock from the new-closed Hanyu Distillery and assisted Akuto in establishing his brand. We will also introduce Kujira whisky, age statement single grain whiskies that have impressed whisky enthusiasts around the world.


Amahagan World Malt Whisky No. 1
Yamazkura Blended Whisky
Shinobu Blended Whisky
Shinobu Pure Malt Whisky
Shinobu 10 Year Old Pure Malt Whisky
Kujira 10 Year Old Single Grain Whisky
Kujira 8 Year Old Single Grain Whisky
Kujira 12 year Old Single Grain Whisky


The safety of participants (including people who work the event) is of primary importance to our team, we are actively monitoring the COVID-19 Global Pandemic and are ensuring our procedures exceed the Ministry of Health guidance.  

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Sat Nov 07, 2020
4:00 PM - 5:15 PM PDT
Whistler Conference Centre

Whistler Conference Centre

4010 Whistler Way, Whistler
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