2020 Exhibitors

A festival of the size, scope, infamy and history of Cornucopia offers a unique opportunity to make a statement and an authentic connection. Cornucopia is where innovation meets tradition, where passion meets revelry in a stunning setting that inspires from the grassroots up. Be a part of it.

Now in its 24th year, Cornucopia continues to be a one of a kind celebration, establishing itself as one of BC’s premium recognized and attended food and drink festivals. The place where those who are passionate about food, drink and mountain culture come to celebrate, innovate, promote and be inspired.Regularly cited as one of the top food and drink festivals in Canada, Cornucopia is an event that is both Internationally relevant and locally inspired, neatly balancing its commitment to world class producers, chefs and restaurateurs, while offering a cornucopia of events and opportunities inspiring enthusiasts and attendees. Attracting over 15,000 visits during it’s 11 exciting days of programming, Cornucopia stands alone as a festival that offers its own unique scope and breadth of world class programming.

Cornucopia is a unique opportunity to authentically connect with a passionate demographic in a one-of-a-kind aspirational setting.

For more information on becoming a sponsor or exhibitor at Cornucopia, please contact:

Jasmine Robinson, Event Producer