Dawn Levelton

October 27, 2017

Back to Roots Nutrition is inspired by a love of nature and nutrition as well as my own personal healing journey.  Growing up on a farm in Richmond, I was always exposed to nature, plants and animals.  My brother and I were fortunate enough to have the freedom to roam and play in endless fields of hay, clover and buttercups where my grandpa’s cows and horses would roam and graze.


Every spring we planted a vegetable garden and during the hot summer months we would stop playing to grab a quick snack of freshly picked raspberries or shucked peas.  We were surrounded by an abundance of fresh produce which was harvested daily by my family for eating or sold to the public.  In the fall, my mom would can or freeze many of the fruits we picked from the orchard so we would have fruit, like cherries, pears and plums, to eat during the late fall and winter months.


I didn’t realize it then, but I now know how truly lucky I was!

The wealth of organic whole foods that I took for granted during my childhood became a key component in my healing journey during my adult years.  In my late 20’s I traveled to Cuba with 30 other Canadians to volunteer for 3 weeks in a beautiful agricultural area in Pinar del Rio.  During the last few days of my stay, I became very ill with excruciatingly painful stomach aches and diarrhea.  Instead of spending my last days of vacation in a hospital bed in Cuba, I decided to wait to see a doctor when I returned home.


Parasites were suspected, but the doctors and various specialists I visited over the next couple months could not find anything after a battery of tests! I was exhausted, still sick and left wondering what was wrong with me.  After taking endless antibiotics with no results, I decided to take my health into my own hands.  That was the first time I visited a health food store.  I told the nutritional consultant my symptoms and it was suggested that I take oregano oil.  With a bit of skepticism and a whole lot of hope, I tried it.


Amazingly, after 3 days I felt better than I had in months.

No more stomach pains or diarrhea!  I was hooked.

​A few years later, I was experiencing abdominal pains again, so I went to my medical doctor who sent me to get an ultrasound.  The results revealed that I had a large cyst – almost 8cm on my spleen.  I was told that it probably occurred from an injury as a child.  We deduced that the cyst most likely developed over time after falling from the top of a twenty foot tree I climbed with my brother when I was 6! It was recommended that the cyst be monitored over the next year and if it grew a few centimeters larger, I would have to get the cyst and my spleen surgically removed. Determined to get rid of this my own way to avoid surgery, I turned again to alternative and natural measures.  I researched what had to be done and began eating completely clean – only whole foods – nothing processed.


I did a couple of cleanses over the next few months and started taking some supplements.  When I went back for the follow-up ultrasound, the technician could not believe what she saw – absolutely nothing.  She called in a couple of her colleagues and asked them to verify that nothing was there.  There was no trace of a splenic cyst.  My mission was complete and I became a devout believer in the power of eating a whole foods diet.  After earning my degree in Psychology and Sociology at UBC in 2012, I decided to supplement this knowledge with my passion for nutrition by becoming a Registered Holistic Nutritionist to support others in their healing journey.