Maude Renaud-Brisson

August 16, 2019

Born and raised in Quebec, Maude has called Vancouver home for the last decade. Her love of food, travel, and people has led her to explore many different roles in the wine industry, from sommelier at iconic restaurants such as Nightingale and Chambar, to her most recent role with Lifford Wine & Spirits importers. She has always believed in giving back to the industry she loves, she is now an educator at Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts for the WSET program. With an unpretentious approach to wine, she recently founded APÉROmode, to expand the community of wine enthusiasts by making wine accessible through education and events. An original student of the International Sommeliers Guild, the world of wine has always been about exploring for Maude, so she is continuing her studies with the WSET Diploma program.