Rachelle Goudreau

July 17, 2017

Sommelier/Manager; V.V Tapas Lounge
Founder/Sommelier/Chef; Tongue Tied Consulting

Raised on her mom’s delicious home cooking and organic produce from the family garden, Rachelle Goudreau took her first sip of wine at age 19 and never looked back. With an undeniable affinity for flavour, Rachelle attended culinary school and trained under various chefs before earning her ISG Sommelier Diploma in 2004.

Finding quick success, Rachelle cut her teeth as Sommelier/Pastry Chef for Savory Coast in 2005, went on to become Sommelier for Provence Marinaside in 2007 and The Wine Bar in 2011, and launched Tongue Tied Consulting in 2010 to offer food and wine pairing consultation, menu and recipe development, and freelance food and wine writing to select clients. Rachelle is currently focusing her knowledge and passion into East Vancouver’s newest wine bar, V.V Tapas Lounge.

Taking a “knowledge without pretense” approach to wine, Rachelle relishes opportunities both to teach and learn more about this rapidly developing industry, operating under the motto “anyone who truly knows wine, knows how much they don’t know.”