Travis Petersen

September 16, 2019

Born and raised in Vancouver, British Columbia, Chef Travis is a West Coast native who has spent years travelling abroad, discovering his passion for food. After relocating to Edmonton in his mid-twenties to pursue a career in oil and gas, Travis apprehensively applied for MasterChef Canada. Though cooking had always been a passion of his, it was never thought to grow past that. After being selected as one of the Top 40 contestants on the popular television show in 2015, things started to evolve and in January 2016, The Nomad Cook was born.

Over the following years the company would mature, travelling coast to coast and building the Nomad Cook brand. Chef Travis was offering a new approach for the artist behind the plate; a platform for chefs to cultivate new opportunities outside the traditional restaurant circuit.

Chef Travis has spent the last few years hosting pop-up dinners and events all over Canada, serving over 2,300 people their first terpene infused dining experience and leading the way for a new movement in Canada.

Chef Travis has a colourful portfolio of clients including celebrities, professional athletes, Dinner in The Sky Vancouver, and countless families coast to coast. He is a regular guest on nationwide televised news networks and international media publications such as Global News, CTV National and The Globe and Mail.