Charity Recipient

Cornucopia is a charity event.  Giving back while being of service to Whistler and surrounding community is central to the festival's mission.  Cornucopia has raised over $500,000 to help community initiatives. Each year, Cornucopia events raise in excess of $35,000 for its named charity which changes every two years.  Past charitable recipients include: Whistler Arts Council, Whistler Animal Shelter, Playground Builders, the Whistler Library and our current recipient Whistler Adaptive.


The Whistler Adaptive Sports Program is a not-for-profit society that provides year-around, recreational programs for people of all ages with disabilities. Whistler Adaptive is a centre for learning and sports excellence that has a local, regional, national and international clientele and encourages independence, self-confidence and self-motivation for all of our athletes and participants through outdoor activity. Our programs are available to all locals, visitors from across Canada and anyone travelling to Whistler from across the globe.

By supporting sport for life, Whistler Adaptive breaks down physical, social and financial barriers, as well as helping to cultivate skills that lead to independence and confidence. We are committed to developing athletes at the grassroots level of their sporting career through to their podium position, and aim to introduce as many individuals with a disability as possible to sport, recreation and therapeutic programming. Our vision is to make alpine recreation in any form accessible to everyone

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