Thu. Sep 10, 2015

Cornucopia, presented by BlueShore Financial embraces 11 decadent days of food and drink inspired dinners, galas, tastings, seminars, demonstrations and more. You may ask how such an extensive schedule of events can be condensed into merely six points, keep reading… 

1.  VINE VARIETY – You Heard it on the Grapevine

Cabernet or Gewurztraminer, Prosecco or Syrah, old world vs. new world this is just a taste of the vine varieties attendees can explore. Self-proclaimed Oenophiles, amateur wine-lovers and every level in-between are invited to immerse themselves in a wine fiesta like no other. 
Feeling fancy? Cellar Door gala tasting unlocks the gates to the world of luxury wines, uncorking top-shelf bottles. SEPTEMBER SPECIAL – grab your tickets to Cellar Door for only $99 (regular $120)! With bottles ranging in price from $35 and up - this opportunity is not to be missed!

Continue to build your cellar and explore the wine regions of the world. Tour Italy’s Sultry South, explore France Without the Attitude, Celebrate Argentina discover local and organic Social Justice Wines, attend the “Showcase Showdown” of wine classes – The Price is Wrong  or attend the gala of wine tastings – CRUSH Gala Grand Tasting. Perhaps you want to make it official with certification – sign up for the Wine and Spirit Education Trust (WSET) Levels 1 and 2.  Whatever your interest - you can be sure to impress at your next dinner party.

2.  CULINARY EXPERTISE – learn from the best

From Chef’s Table Luncheons with renowned chefs from L’Abbatoir, Minami or the Okanagan’s Burrowing Owl Winery to the Culinary Stage Series offering home cooks the opportunity to learn from experts, whilst (of course) savouring the delicious rewards of their labor. Key industry leaders taking part on the culinary stage include Alana Peckham, who recently won the Food Network’s Chopped Canada: or Chef Deniz Tarakcioglu of Vancouver’s Café Medina, one of Canada’s Top 50 Restaurants.

3. CERTIFIED CICERONE – Beer gains respect

Microsoft vs. Apple, cats vs dogs, Pepsi vs. Coke, in the world of famous rivalries beer vs. wine is about to erupt and Cornucopia is looking for answers. Join Jack Crompton of Whistler Debates as he hosts Cicerone vs. Sommelier, a scrappy and scrumptious multi-course match-up between Sommelier David Stansfield and Cicerone Don Farion.

And beyond the battlefield Ken Beattie, Director of BC Craft Brewers Guild, explores the ever-evolving craft beer market, presenting at Craft Beer for Wine Lovers as well as kick-starting the holiday season at BREWED: The BC Craft Brewers Guild Winter Beer Market, showcasing over 25 of the BC’s best craft brewers, including a wintery sneak peek of their latest seasonal recipes.

4. SOMMELIER SMACK-DOWN – wine will be spilled

Two will enter, only one will leave ego still intact. Join the quirky and somewhat vicious battle between two expert sommeliers – Sunday school’s David Stansfield and Lisa Cook – at this epic Sommelier Smackdown. David and Lisa will step into the ring and pit their favourite wines against each other in a high intensity cage fight for wine geek supremacy.

5. MIX LIKE A PRO – the full spectrum of taste

Guests are invited to experience the full spectrum of spirits and cocktails throughout Cornucopia presented by BlueShore Financial. Head out to gala tasting Poured; patrons can sip a 50 year old whisky from Europe or perhaps an expertly crafted BC Beer, a Canadian Cider or a fine wine from across the globe. Shaken or stirred? Neat or over ice? The choice is yours at With a Twist, where guests choose their own cocktail inspired journey. Always wanted to be a distiller but couldn’t take the leap of faith? Industry pioneer Tyler Schramm, of The Pemberton Distillery and self-described “Booze Witch” Kelly Ann Woods of Gillespie’s Fine Spirits in Squamish, lead BC Craft Distilling uncovering the distilling industry and how they got started.

6. WHISTLER – need we say more?

As the age-old saying goes: location, location, location! From the pedestrian Village to the majestic surrounding mountains, the warm local welcomes to the international atmosphere - Whistler provides the ultimate setting for Cornucopia presented by BlueShore Financial.  Whether it’s a local experience you’re after or an indulgence of global proportions, Cornucopia offers tastes from all regions, for all palates - experience why Whistler is on everyone’s bucket list.

A master-chef, distiller, sommelier and cicerone walk into a bar… find out what happens next at Cornucopia, November 5-15.