The Oxford English Dictionary tells us to nourish means “to provide with the food or other substances necessary for growth, health, and good condition.” We continue on that path during our second year of “Nourish.”. Our mission is to create a space for anyone and everyone to explore and enjoy sustainable food and lifestyle choices, enhance our health, and deepen our connection to the earth that feeds us.

Nestled at the foot of the majestic Blackcomb Mountain, we set the stage for the expansion of healing, regeneration, and inspiration. Here, health, wellness, and sustainability-seekers will find just what their minds, bodies, and spirits are hungering for. Emerge with an understanding of your personal wellness needs and a greater sense of your place in this vast, beautiful world.

Nourish Cooking Series
The cooking series workshops in the Nourish retreat are hands on and interactive. Engage in conversation with the farmers about the food on your table, and savour the bounty of their labour. Allow Chef’s to take you on a culinary journey from raw food cooking to local country comfort foods. As we all know, making food choices that fuse health, taste, and the environment is not easy. Gathering for cooking, tasting, and discussion with like-minded friends is a fundamental step toward eating, drinking, and buying better for everyone.

Nourish Informational Seminars
From the Healing Arts of the First nations and skincare from the pantry, to natural fermentation of foods and ancient approaches to diet and constitution, the Nourish Informational series will satisfy your hunger for useful, life-changing knowledge about how food and drink effect our wellbeing. Facilitated by passionate experts, authors, doctors and elders in their fields, you will learn from the very best, and come away with vital tools to enhance your wellness for years to come.

Nourish Movement, Massage and Meditation
Each day of Nourish begins with yoga, meditation and massage offered by our seasoned team of experts, to bring our bodies and minds into balance and harmony. The art of meditation has long been practiced by saints and sages to bring about enhanced consciousness and self-realization. In this joyful state, one becomes free from temporary worries, anxieties, and concerns, and is immersed in a higher spiritual awareness and inner peacefulness. Connecting with your deep, innate knowledge prepares you to integrate the teachings that await. Yoga is a many-limbed path toward a new way of life. This practice brings about synergy between body, mind, and soul through focused movement and breath. Allow our talented teachers to share with you one of ancient India’s greatest gifts to the modern world. Leave the class feeling rejuvenated and ready for the day’s teachings.  Massage is an intuitive healing art that has been enjoyed for millennia. Taking a 15-20 minuted pause for a chair massage/shiatsu session at the Nourish location will allow every part of the mind-body to relax while relieving areas of tension in the neck, back and shoulders.  Sessions will be available throughout the morning and a sign up sheet will be available on location.

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